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*The emblem of the nominee of the 7th Golden Trezzini Awards is a silver eight-pointed star with polished rays that resemble crystals. In the center of the star is a white medallion with a gilded relief of the Golden Trezzini statuette, which stands on a pedestal with the year 2024. Around the statuette, there are golden rays and the letters “Est. 2018”, indicating the year the awards were established. The medallion is surrounded by a gold inscription “GOLDEN TREZZINI AWARDS". A white ribbon with gold trim passes through the star’s rays and bears the Latin motto in gold: “Architectura ad summam artis perducta” (“Architecture aspiring to the heights of art”). The word “NOMINEE” is written in black on the lower part of the ribbon.

The emblem is intended for informational use by publishers/journalists and for displaying on websites, social networks and printed and souvenir products of the Awards nominees, as well as for creating collages with the nominees’ projects.

To download and save the emblem, and to use it at any time, the user must be a registered nominee of the Awards on its official website The user must preserve the original design of the emblem and avoid changing its colors (except for slight shading in some print versions). Only nominees of the Awards are allowed to use the emblem.

Any other use of the emblem, such as by third parties to identify goods and services, is forbidden.

Violating these rules may lead to administrative fines and, in case of copyright infringement, to legal actions under Article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.