On November 27 in St. Petersburg the Awarding Ceremony took place for winners of the 2nd Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design with international participation.

The Awards named after Domenico Trezzini (1670—1734), the first St. Petersburg’s architect, has been taking place since 2018. The Awards is intended to scout for architectural, designer and restoration projects that in terms of artistic value can be regarded as works of art. The best projects are added to the collection of the State Museum of St. Petersburg History, the General Partner of the Awards.

During the Awarding Ceremony taking place in the Atrium of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Awards winners were greeted by Vladimir Zapevalov, representative of Russia’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs in St. Petersburg; Vladimir Grigoriev, Chief Architect of St. Petersburg, Chairman of the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture (KGA); Sergey Makarov, President of the Committee for State Supervision, Use and Protection of Cultural and Historical Memorials (KGIOP); Yunus Belet, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in St. Petersburg; as well as other officials.

The 2nd Awards received 350 entries from over 50 cities and regions of Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Great Britain, Latvia, UAE, Finland, and South Korea.

The works submitted by the participants were evaluated by 71 experts of the International Jury, chaired by Roger M. Kull, Consul General of Switzerland in St. Petersburg. The list of winners included 18 projects from basic categories and 17 projects from special categories. The voting results were checked and verified by Borenius law firm. 

“The winners were given the Golden Trezzini figurines, the key symbols of the Awards,” says Pavel Chernyakov, Chairman of the Arrangements Committee. “As for us, our main prize was the feedback on the Awards that we received from other regions of our country and even abroad. Despite the tight schedule, our winners managed to arrange their visits to St. Petersburg, to come to the Awarding Ceremony and to obtain their well-deserved figurines in person. We are infinitely grateful to our jurors, all the nominees, and partners of the Awards. With great interest, we expect even vaster geographic coverage next year.”

At the ceremony it was announced that the 3rd Golden Trezzini Awards, scheduled for 2020, would be granted the international status thanks to the support from Russia’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The start date of submission for the 3rd Golden Trezzini Awards will be announced in Q1 2020.

The musical program of the evening featured Carlos D’Onofrio (tenor, Argentina-Italy), soloist of the Mariinsky Theater, accompanied by OneOrchestra string quartet including musicians from musicAeterna, Teodor Currentzis’s Ensemble.

The strategic partner of the Awarding Ceremony is Etalon Group. RSTI (Rosstroyinvest Corporate Group), BARCELONA premium class club house, Corian® Design, Adaptive Medicine X-Clinic, GERARD, Setl Group, LenRusStroy Building Corporation, and Togas Company are some of the official partners of the Awarding Ceremony. Partners of the ceremony are Polar Star Yacht Agency, Tikkurila, and La Petite Opera Gallery. LOTTE HOTEL ST. PETERSBURG is the official hotel of the Awards. Bizet is the official confectioner of the Awards, and official partners of the banquet are Fusion Service Group and Versailles, the furniture store chain.

Winners of the Golden Trezzini Awards, basic categories

  1. Best Project of Premium or Business Class Residential Estate
    Futurist (St. Petersburg), RBI
  2. Best Built Premium or Business Class Residential Estate
    Stockholm (St. Petersburg), Setl Group
  3. Best Project of Comfort Class Residential Estate
    Russian Europe Eco Development (Kaliningrad), ASADOV Architectural Studio
  4. Best Built Comfort Class Residential Estate
    Plant rearrangement into AMILKO’s residential development (Rostov Region), New R.A.S.A. Architectural Studio
  5. Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project
    Restoration and Conservation of Chesme Gallery in Gatchina Palace (Leningrad Region), Gatchina State Museum Reserve and KGIOP
  6. Best Apartment Project
    Hotel at Ligovsky Prospect (St. Petersburg), SLOI Architects
  7. Best Implemented Apartment Project
    Grani Multifunctional Complex (St. Petersburg), Institute of Territorial Development
  8. Best Project of Public Space
    TEXTIL as the Center for Territory Regeneration (Yaroslavl), Kremnev atelier
  9. Best Implemented Public Space Project
    Iset River Embankment Beautification (Yekaterinburg), Archinform Architectural Bureau
  10. Best Project of Private Residence
    Studio House for Young Couple in Nikolina Gora Village (Moscow Region), RCode Architect Group
  11. Best Built Private Residence
    Bridge House of Gliding Light (Finland), Ingmar Architects
  12. Best Landscaping Project
    Next Generation Park in Yakutsk (Republic of Sakha), ASADOV Architectural Studio
  13. Best Implemented Landscaping Project
    In the Midst of Fir Woods (Leningrad Region), Xenia Khramtsova
  14. Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project
    Mansion Interiors in Anosino Mansion Village (Moscow Region), Pyotr Zavadovsky
  15. Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art
    Penthouse in Grand Development (St. Petersburg), Yudin & Novikov
  16. Best Museum Architectural Design
    Robot Science Museum (Seoul, South Korea), Melike Altinisik Architects (MAA)
  17. Best Student’s Architectural Project
    Redevelopment of New Admiralty Island: Campus of Shipbuilding University and Museum of Shipbuilding of Baltic Fleet (St. Petersburg, Yulia Drozd’s project), Yulia Drozd
  18. Best Student’s Project of Public Space
    Restoration of the Naryshkins Mansion and Park Complex in the Pady Village (Saratov Region), Maria Trishkova

Winners of the Golden Trezzini Awards, special categories

  1. For preservation of unique monuments of the palaces and gardens series at Peterstadt Fortress
    Peterhof State Museum Reserve
  2. For distinguished example of restoration of the wooden architectural monument – the St. Peter the Apostle’s Church in Lakhta
    ZhilStroy Design and Construction Bureau
  3. For the architectural monument renovation concept
    START Development Management Company
  4. For perfect and elegant interior solutions at Familia Residential Estate
  5. For the best eco development concept in the BOTANICA Residential Estate project
    Etalon Group
  6. For creation of a socially and culturally relevant public space at Novoye Gorelovo Residential Estate
    LenRusStroy Construction Company
  7. For perfect evocation of Antoni Gaudi’s stylistics in modern architecture
    BARCELONA Club House
  8. For the best Russian museum architectural design – Dostoevsky Literature Memorial Museum Expansion Concept
    Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners Design Studio.
  9. For harmonious combination of recreation and medical functions in the Clinic project
    Adaptive Medicine X-Clinic
  10. To the best comfort-class residential estate developer
    AvangardStroi Construction Company
  11. For implementation of the best apartment project
    StroyTrest Union
  12. For innovative design of the functional art object
    MAX FABRIQUE design by Max Marka
  13. For artistic reconsideration of the 20th century architecture in the project of the Prometheus Book Store
    Spirin architects
  14. For implementation of the LIVING WITH DESIGN concept in the Boutique Hotel in the center of St. Petersburg
    bulthaup Design Gallery
  15. For integration of art objects at the educational venue
    Masters School
  16. For synergy of modern art and design objects in the Collectors' Lounge project
    Anna Nova Gallery
  17. For mastering the art of colors
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