The Arrangement Committee of the 2nd Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design announced the complete list of the nominees seeking to win the Golden Trezzini figurines in 2019.

350 projects from over 50 cities and regions of Russia, Belorussia, Abkhazia, Great Britain, Latvia, UAE, Finland, and South Korea are going to contest for 18 figurines of Domenico Trezzini.

The Arrangements Committee accepted entries from nominees all across Russia – developers and designers, architects and restorers, designers and decorators, as well as students of architectural higher schools. Special terms were provided for the Best Museum Architectural Design nomination – both Russian and foreign participants were welcome to join.

“Totally, we received 460 projects,” said Pavel Chernyakov, Chairman of the Golden Trezzini Arrangements Committee. “Unfortunately, some of them didn’t qualify the Awards Regulations, so we had to decline them. Yet, 350 projects have been accepted, which is twice as much as last year. Of course, it is not the number of the projects that matters but their quality – it has enhanced a lot.”

“I can see that the Golden Trezzini Awards helps to consolidate the professional society under the banner of arts; it helps to demonstrate that implementation of new development, restoration, and designer projects isn’t just a business, but a part of the artistic culture,” Pavel Chernyakov believes.

The Golden Trezzini Awards is called after Domenico Trezzini (1670—1734), the first architect of St. Petersburg. The mission of the Awards is to discover architectural, design, and restoration projects that can be classified as pieces of art thanks to their artistic merit.

The Awards is supported by the Consulate General of Switzerland in St. Petersburg, the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture (KGA), the State Committee on Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks (KGIOP), the Committee for St. Petersburg Culture, and the Global Club of St. Petersburgers. The list of the Golden Trezzini’s partners includes the Russian Union of Architects, the Moscow Union of Architects, the St. Petersburg Union of Architects, the Association of Architectural Workshops, the St. Petersburg Union of Designers, the St. Peterburg Union of Restorers, and the All-Russian Union on Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks.
On October 28, the international jury chaired by M. Kull, Consul General of Switzerland in St. Petersburg, started the projects evaluation procedure. Beside Mr. Kull, the jury includes Vladimir Grigoriev, Senior Architect of St. Petersburg and President of KGA; Sergey Makarov, President of KGIOP; Semyon Mikhailovsky, Dean of the Academy of Arts; Thomas Vonier, President of the International Union of Architects, as well as other Russian and foreign experts.

Voting will proceed till November 18. The results will be audited by the Borenious legal company. The Awarding Ceremony will take place in the Atrium of the Commandant House within the Peter and Paul Fortress on November 27, 2019. After the Awarding Ceremony, the winning projects will be exhibited in the Peter and Paul Fortress.
All the nominees are listed at the Awards official web-site

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