The International Council and the Jury of the Golden Trezzini Awards comprise representatives of 33 countries. The Awards have been established by Golden Trezzini Ltd, an independent entity that isn’t directly or indirectly sponsored by the state agencies or their affiliated institutions of any of these countries. The motto of the Awards is “Architecture as Art”, which implies the art of creation, not destruction. In darkness hours – just like in any other – we are committed to peace. We are going to continue our talk about architecture with people from different countries, just not to get beyond feeling compassionate, empathizing, and hoping for a better future for all.

Before you apply, it is highly recommended that you read brief comments on the categories of the 2022 Golden Trezzini Awards and look through the Q&A page.

The size of the images attached should not exceed 2000 Kb. Applications with bigger files cannot be proceeded. Please note 3D visualizations or photos without logos/watermarks are accepted. Collages, plans, schemes, maps etc. can be provided optionally in additional third-side image galleries (“Links to extra visual materials on the project” field).