The Organizing Committee of the Golden Trezzini Awards has introduced a newly designed Winner Certificate, incorporating modern artistic touch along with design elements from historic Freemason diplomas. 

This is the first change to the Golden Trezzini Certificate in 5 years, and designers were careful to respect traditions while making practical and aesthetic improvements. The new certificate bears similarities to a previous design first used in 2018, but it is less prone to counterfeiting and adds features such as elegant Art Déco elements, exquisite floral ornament with a beautiful complex pattern and a new guilloche background.

“A Golden Trezzini Winner certificate carries great meaning for the institution and for our winners, because it represents the attainment of the highest competition standards,” said Pavel Chernyakov,  Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Golden Trezzini Awards. “The design reflects the amazing biography of Swiss architect Domenico Trezzini (1670—1734) in honor of whom the Awards were named and our Motto, Architecture as Art.”

«And I'll tell you a secret — the main symbol of Freemasonry, the Square and Compasses, have not gone away, but now it is well hidden like a secret sign, not exposed as in the previous certificate edition,» Chernyakov said.

In Freemasonry symbolism, the Compasses represents the Heaven, and the Square represents the Earth. The Earth is the place where a man does his work, and the Heaven is associated with the space where the Great Architect of the Universe draws his plan.

The basic wording on the Winner Certificate has not changed since 2018, and is the same for the new certificate. Designers changed the look of the words “The Golden Trezzini” at the top of the document, as well as added the Motto of the Awards “Architecture as Art” and a “festive” version of the logo.

Each certificate (regardless of the status of the laureate) indicates the name and number of the awards, the category, the name or title (for companies) of the nominee, as well as the name of the project for which the certificate was awarded. Besides, in each certificate, the city where the awarding ceremony took place, its location and date are named. A certificate without the signature of the chairman of the Awards Organizing Committee is considered invalid.

«We'll lean on a new Winner Certificate – the main image on this post – to help nominees better understand what they can achieve with our competition, besides the main award, the gilded Golden Trezzini Statuette. We are also updating Golden Trezzini visual identity, including logo, color palette, typography, badges, and more,» the Chairman specified.

«Finally, it should be added that other types of certificates, designed for Nominees, Finalists, Honourable and Special Mention Laureates, will be made in the image and likeness of the new Winner Certificate,» Chernyakov said.

2022 Golden Trezzini Awards partners: Strategic partner of the awarding is Etalon Group, Official partners of the Gala evening are Rosseti FGC UES, KADO, and LenRusStroy Construction Corporation. See for the complete list of partners.

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