Mikhail Piotrovsky, President of the Worldwide St. Petersburg Club, General Director of the State Hermitage, Honourary Chairman of the International Council of the Golden Trezzini Awards:

Since the initial event, the Golden Trezzini Awards has won international recognition and established itself as a significant architectural award featuring outstanding projects, a renowned jury and a perfect global reputation. The statuette of Trezzini adopted as its symbol proved to be the best choice – it was he who created the matrix for the entire architectural language of St. Petersburg to be further based on. The idea behind the Award is to create an additional mechanism for the preservation of St. Petersburg’s role as a think tank where architects from all over the world join efforts to design something new, and not necessarily for our city. Being the President of the Worldwide St. Petersburg Club, I am very pleased that it was among the founders of the Awards, whose spirit is becoming more and more clear, more and more St. Petersburg-style.