1921. 100th Anniversary of the Kronshtadt Revolt. Exodus

Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

About the project
In March 1921, the Kronshtadt Riot took place, when the sailors of the Baltic Navy, the citizens, and the soldiers who served at the fortifications in the Gulf of Finland joined forces to speak out against the Military Communism and Food Rationing policy.  They were too few, and the riot didn’t last long. Every day was full of tragic events then.
The memorial sign is located at the spot where 8 thousand rioters fled from the Fort Reef across the frozen waters to Finland. The memorial is made of pieces of rails and perforated metal that was found around and within the fort during renovation.

Reef Fort, Kotlin Isle, St. Petersburg, Russia

Project implementation year

Pavel Ignatyev, teacher, St. Petersburg Academy of Arts

Author of the project
Sculptor — Pavel Ignatyev
Design concept by Kirill Korobov

Project status