25 Dolgorukovskaya

Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

About the project
25 Dolgorukovskaya high-end apartment complex consists of two buildings, «Musical» and «Artistic», which are united by an underground passageway. The elegant development seamlessly blends in with the surrounding cityscape. The project is designed in the modern European style and refers to the versatile and neat Dutch architecture.
During the construction of the residential complex, the developer restored a unique wooden mansion located on the site, which survived the fire of 1812. The manor was carefully restored using the building technologies used in the old days. It emphasizes the architectural connection of times. A restaurant for 25 Dolgorukovskaya 25 and guests of the city will open in the mansion.

Moscow, Russia

Project design year

Project website

BEL Development Group, property development company

Authors of the project
Apex Project, architectural bureau