One-room 38-square-meter apartment with open-plan kitchen and walk-in closet

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Apartment / Private House

About the project
The owners of the apartment wanted to have a separate bedroom, a work space, and a utility room, so the designers had to change the initial layout, moving the partition between the bedroom and the kitchen, which also functions as a living room.
The sun-lit L-shaped kitchen features an island and fully-integrated appliances.
The insulated balcony houses an office area with a table, cabinets, and a charging base for a robot vacuum cleaner.
In the center of the open plan kitchen there is a double-sided wardrobe. Sliding frosted glass doors let natural light inside.
The bathroom became bigger, and a small pantry was turned into a walk-in closet with a laundry space.

Moscow, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Alexander Tischler, interior design studio

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