459 Lygon Healthcare Centre

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
The idea of a healthcare centre is a place where sick people go to recover back to their 100% capability. What if the centre could offer more? A place where it could improve you to 150%? This building challenges the notion of a typical health centre, transforming it into something more. By offering more for the people, it challenges and inspires them to be more, to become more than you were before. That is the beauty of this healthcare centre.
459 offers a whole range of facilities and activities, hoping to improve the lives of the people in Carlton by pushing the possibilities beyond the typical 100% that we already know. This is always the statement for architecture, creating and improving environments for people, and that will never change. Things can and will get better from here.

459 Lygon street, Melbourne, Australia

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Benedict Chew, student at University of Melbourne, Melbourne school of Design