53 Degrees Foothill Coffee Whiskey Pavilion

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
The project is located on the former site of Liu Yong University. How to continue history and retain the appearance in people's memory and inspire new vitality is the direction of the design team's exploration? The ancient wooden doors of the original building are removed, sealed in acrylic panels, and supported by stone piers to form a screen arranged on both sides, creating a historical atmosphere at the same time, with spacing and suspension to release the sense of air, and the heavy sense of antiquities offset each other but also grow each other.
In the design of the hall and bar, saibo elements are introduced to pull in the sense of science and technology and the sense of the future, advancing the theme of time and space. The use of modern industrial materials to shape the traditional.

777 Huashan Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

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Eve Zhou, the principal of Dayi Design, graduated from Nanjing University. After graduation, he went to Europe for further study and established Dayi Design in 2021. Representative works Fifty-three Du Lu Whiskey Cafe, Dayi Design Club, Golden Road Tobacco and Alcohol, etc., design works have been widely praised by the society. During this period, he has won many domestic and international awards such as Germany IF Design Award, UK FX Design Award, London Design Award, Taiwan Golden Point Design.

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DED Design

Jin Lu Tobacco & Wine

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