A.A. Petrovo-Solovovo — M.A. Schiller City Estate Restoration Project

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
The 19th century was in a ruinous condition and needed a complete overhaul – the facades and interiors were destroyed by more than 70%, the load-bearing structures were worn out by 80%. To preserve the building, the rotted logs of the house were replaced with new ones and covered with wooden siding using a 19th century technology. The restorers also carried out repair and reinforcement of the outer brickwork and restored the vaulted ceilings of the basement. The lost parts of the facade stucco decoration and interiors were revived based on the surviving elements. The building also received reconstructed wooden window frames and doors, the attic staircase, the ceilings and the roof with stove chimneys. The mansion will be available for visiting as it will house a restaurant.

Moscow, Russia

Project implementation year

Applicant and author of the project
BEL Development Group, property development company