A Beautiful Mess

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
A Beautiful Mess is a physical-digital collaboration project as a manifestation of a powerful message about women empowerment and self-love to embrace the journey of motherhood and their silent struggles. More than about motherhood, it demonstrates sustainability and collaboration between design and craftsmanship that resulted in a new value for discarded items as part of building materials. A cubical translucent shelter is built from operable glass partition that allows cross ventilation, with blinds engraved with numerous keywords of expressions, representing mother's physical and emotional journey. As focal point, blinds fabric leftovers are collected and woven into a hyperbolic shape of mother’s womb, with a breathing light effect that represents a life inside her womb. Acrylic waste is casted as flooring materials, expressing a new process of ordinary materials. The installation is functioned as a store where people can sit, shopping and experiencing the space at the same time.

Kumulo Creative Compound, The Breeze BSD City, Tangerang, Indonesia.

Project implementation year

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Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.)

Applicant and authors of the project
Seniman Ruang, Helen Agustine

Other participants
Fabric waste weaving: ByoLiving
Construction, Blinds & Partition: Sandei
Acrylic waste casted floor: ByoLiving
Installation Lighting: ErreLuce
Website: Antikode
Installation Photographer: Mario Wibowo, Helen Agustine, Ryan Salim
Motherhood Photographer on website: Carol Kuntjoro, Janji
Website copywriter: Typerfect