A home for Jorejick Family

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The new position of Jorejick’s family within the lot is not accidental but was defined starting from the desire to establish a direct relationship with the nature of the place.
the shapes and colors used for the composition of the home have the aim of evoking the shapes and colors of their original home with the aim of not totally distorting the image of their domestic space. There is also an attempt to absorb and update the vernacular architectural culture of Tanzania.
The planimetric composition is articulated with the intention of being able to build a sequence of internal and external spaces. these environments are designed in connection with each other. a physical and visual connection.
The peculiarity of the house is flexibility. characteristic that is enclosed in the design of the surrounding wall that welcomes multiple situations: entry, sitting, watching and playing; thus enriching the daily life of the family with vitality.

Getamock, Tanzania

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Applicant and authors of the project
Architecture studio led by architect Samuel Quagliotto with the aim of imagining and building architectures that know how to outline those comfortable daily scripts.
At the heart of the design there is a method that combines theory with practice through a research process. This in order to be able to define a modern architecture that is deeply linked to that architecture that he defined as a specific culture.
Architects Samuel Quagliotto, Martina Tocco.