A House Between Two Walnuts

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project (provided by the applicant)
The walnuts were the most valuable elements on our site. Therefore, we positioned the building mass between these two trees. The transparency of the building increases alongside the trees, to the extent that the space reaches a state of «both inside and outside». The volume of the building is drawn along the axis of the walnut trees, and the planes extend like arms to embrace the tree.
To enhance the connection with the walnuts, we created a higher level to not only touch the trunk, but also the branches, leaves, and fruits. This new courtyard at the rooftop level serves as a place to walk from one walnut to another. Thus, not only a house between two walnuts, but also a courtyard between the two emerged.
Furthermore, life in the house was divided into two distinct and transparent sections. Private spaces are situated in the solid part. Transparent life in the public realm happens with expansive view outward, while solid life in the private realms occurs with enclosed views.

Alborz province, Iran

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KAV Architects
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Authors of the project
Shayan Seif, Taraneh Iranpour

Other participants
Structure: Ali Seyyedi
Photographer: Mohammad Hasan Ettefagh

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