A New Beginning: X City — Under The Moon

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
Moon conditions are a new experience for humans that need prevention instead of treatment and avoidance of disease.
It is important to pay attention to the mental and physical health of the users. Planting design with the principles of armatography along with medicinal plants in order to increase the general health of the community, invitation to activity and mobility with the design, creating a sense of place in a suitable space for users and also production, collection, storage and purification of water are among the items are seen in the design.
Intense sunlight requires the design and creation of shade. Also, enclosing along with the growth and reproduction of plants creates micro-climates that have more environmental conditions and comfort for humans. Gradually, with the expansion of these spaces, a larger surface of the moon adapts to human life. Of course, over time, humans become more in tune with the environment.

Lunar Space Station

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Applicant and authors of the project
Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi, Ph.d student at Islamic Azad University — West Tehran Branch (WTIAU).
Architectural Designers: Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi & Mohammad Reza Moghadasi
Advisors and Guides: Dr. Mohsen Moosavi & Dr. Mohsen Kafi
Research and Development: Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi, Mohammad Reza Moghadasi, Elmira Almasi, Mona Molla Abdollahi, Sajjad Kheirmand Parizi & Iliya Ghanbari
CG Artist: Mohammad Reza Moghadasi, Shirin Jahed, Seyedeh Dena Hosseini & Elmira Almasi

Other participants
Under Support from Islamic Azad University — West Tehran Branch (WTIAU) & Parand Branch (PIAU)
Young Researchers and Elite Club of Islamic Azad University — West Tehran Branch (WTIAU)


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