A Roof for Helsinki — Train Factory Building

Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
The new Train Factory area in Helsinki will be transformed into a mixed-use neighbourhood that will accommodates a system of paths, parks, plazas, and open spaces that encourages people to spend more time outdoors, together. A place where there is space for both an active life and a quiet retreat. A new tiny forest combined with a thriving multi-level public space will become a destination in the city, inviting visitors with a full offering of cultural life, sports, and leisure activities. Our vision for the Train Factory will enhance and build upon the rich cultural heritage of the area, which hosts relevant historical buildings and large public spaces. A strategy based on a unique blend of special attention to cultural heritage and forward-thinking solutions, the ambition is to set an example that contributes to the sustainable aspirations of the municipality and benefits everyone in the city by generating a variety of public spaces that can be used all year around.

Helsinki, Finland

Project design year

MASSLAB is a laboratory of ideas working in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscaping, founded in 2016 in Porto by Duarte Fontes, Diogo Rocha and Lourenço Rodrigues. From small to large scale, we imagine and design spaces that translate into a better life. Through a focused approach between planet and people, we seek to build the conditions for the future, because changing the way people live will always change the world.

Author of the project

Train Factory Oy Group + Helsinki Municipality

Other participants
AFRY (local consultant)
3D Images (exterior): Playtime
3D Images (exterior+aerial): Barbar

Status of the project
Conceptual design