A Safe Place for Relocated People

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
This project aims to design a community center that provides a secure and welcoming environment for individuals, especially vulnerable ones, from diverse backgrounds. The main goal was to create a place that fosters a sense of belonging, comfort and protection for all users. The targeted vulnerable group of this proposed project are relocated people, who were forced to leave their home countries to a new environment, where they feel themselves unprotected, vulnerable, they need an adaptation to a new place. For this project, the ideology of «Kazakh Yurt» was developed as a concept, and the domes (yurts), which are the key elements of the structure, solve the design problem. A Safe Place for Relocated People is a space where they can receive help and support, learn new language and new environment, and share their thoughts, experiences and skills. Sustainability requirements are also met; photovoltaic facade provides a self-generated energy, and vegetation creates a nice environment.


Project design year

Extra visual materials

Diar Alipcheyev: «I am from Kazakhstan and currently I am studying at Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus. Being one of the best students in my group, every semester my projects are recognized as one of the best projects of the department, as a result of which they are placed in the department archive. Additionally, I volunteered in our „15th Design Week“ event, and conduct workshops based on the architectural visualization in Photoshop.»

Author of the project
Diar Alipcheyev

Status of the project
Conceptual design