A01 Building

Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

About the project
Within the singularity of the productive, constructive and social economy of Argentina in recent years, we propose a system characterized by the enhancement of industrialization and metallic structures. A01 building, in this way, constitutes a specific work within a line of thought that guides the office.
The project seeks to be part of the debate on operating on the margins of the local production of high-rise residential buildings. There are four disciplinary references that make up his argument: the industrial architecture of the 20th century, Venturi/Scott Brown in 'Learning Las Vegas', Bow-Wow in 'Made in Tokyo', and Walker in 'Lo Ordinario'. References with clear differences between them, but with interesting overlaps in that in all cases they operate from the bottom up, they work with reality, they are fundamentally pragmatic and far from abstract models, that is, from the production of architecture as a result of the use and strategic manipulation of the means of production.

Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Federico Marinaro is an architect graduated from UNR, Rosario, with a master's degree in architectural projects from ETSAM, Madrid. He establishes his own office in 2008, carrying out projects and implementations of various scales and programs, seeking proactive research regarding the use of materials and construction techniques. He has participated in numerous national and international calls obtaining mentions and prizes in several of them. He has been teaching architecture since 2012.
Project by Federico Marinaro & Sofía Settimini. 

Other participants
Collaborators: Bruno Turri arch, Juan Cruz Ferreyra arch, Giuliana Colaneri arch, Manuel Giró arch.
Engineering: Luciano López Ingeniero.
Contractor: Puntal SRL.
Furniture: Gonzalo Marinaro.
Photographer: Javier Agustín Rojas.