AAF Gallery

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The aim of this project is to distribute the gallery spaces in a small three-story building. The first floor contains a public space for readings and lectures, as well as a kitchen to help prepare exhibition openings. This level employs a construction system based on cinder block walls and steel deck slab on white-painted IPR beams. The second level is the open-plan exhibition area intended to display a range of artworks and interventions. This level has walls finished in plaster, white paint and a reticular reinforced concrete slab with coffered formwork that was left exposed.
On the third floor, a reading room also serves as an office and meeting room. This space is clad with strips of pine wood and a ceiling slab of exposed, bare concrete.
The gallery is crowned with an open air patio that also serves as a lookout point when the metal doors enclosing it are opened.

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

Project implementation year

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Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.)

Applicant and authors of the project
S-AR (César Guerrero + Ana Cecilia Garza)

Other participants
Collaborators: Carlos Morales, Marisol González.
Photography: Ana Cecilia Garza Villarreal.
Structural Engineer: CM Ingeniería
Supervision S-AR + Gonzalo Tamez Builder / General Contractor: Gonzalo Tamez + Enrique López