Aban Medical Clinic

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Aban Medical Clinic is an attempt to heal the pain.
The lack of specialized medical communities (clinics) in small cities is one of the things that most people in these cities face when facing this disease, Aban is trying to fill this gap.
Usually in Iran, medical clinics are crowded and full of people with bad conditions and feel a negative atmosphere for the person... Imagine that you enter a treatment clinic as a patient, your main need is treatment, but the space you enter has a great effect on your mood.
In the design of Aban, attention has been paid to each and every space and each one has a way to relax the patient.
In the design of the entrance of the collection, we are faced with a cubic volume that invites the audience to enter the collection with blue solitude.
The garden pit with tall palm trees and greenery throughout the complex awakens the feeling of greenness and vitality in the patient.

Gachsaran, Iran

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Amirhossein Keykhosravi, Founder and CEO of First architecture office, winner of several architectural competitions in Iran.

Author of the project
First office

Status of the project
Under construction