Adventure Ship & Cave of Wonders: The National Museum of Qatar Playground

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About the project
Located at the National Museum of Qatar, The Adventure Ship and Cave of Wonders are immersive and curated playgrounds that showcase stories of the sea and Qatari cultural history, continuing the narratives established within the museum in an interactive play and educational format.
Cave of Wonders is a direct response to Qatar’s naturally occurring and eroded caverns (or ‘duhul’), their geology, fauna and history. The Adventure Ship is laid open on the sand, ready to explore, interpreting an dahl 'shipwreck' and treasures, possibly that of sailor and trader Erahmah Bin Jaber’s, complete with authentic carvings, artefacts and traditional features.
Both playgrounds provide a strong approach to interpretive and tactile roleplay – creating authentic and accessible intergenerational play and storytelling opportunities. Innovative technologies developed for the project improve visitor comfort and extend use from 3 to 9 months of the year by locally mitigating the climatic extremes.

National Museum of Qatar, Doha, Qatar

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Applicant and authors of the project 
Taylor Cullity Lethlean (TCL) are Landscape Architects and Urban Designers and we undertake a detailed exploration of context, site and community, with a focus on the poetic expression of landscape and contemporary culture.
TCL’s work is informed by four streams of investigation:
• contemporary urban life and global culture,
• the elemental power of site and landscape,
• artistic practice in a range of disciplines, and
• the creation of a sustainable future.

Other participants
Client — National Museum of Qatar
UAP – Playspace Fabrication, Prototyping and Feasibility
WGA – Civil & Structural
Bestec – Services
JML – Water Feature Specialists
Transsolar – Environmental Engineers
PlayDMC – Playscape Specialist
Arterial – Interpretive Design
Planning for Plants – Botanical Consultants
Firefly Point of View –  Lighting
Katnich Dodd – Building Certification
POLYTOPE AGENCY – Audio Scenography
Gallagher Bassett — SID
Builder — IMAR