Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
Aikyam in sanskrit means «togetherness, harmony oneness». The design philosophy of the home is rooted in essentialism, biophilisim & wabi-sabi, a deep connection to nature showcasing modest materials forms & textures creating spaces that promotes health & wellness featuring salvaged furniture elements, reclaimed wooden sculptures & large clay pots. The art & design elements sourced locally, supporting artists & artisans. The interior is painted using pure natural lime-based Vedic paint, with a neutral color palette & focus on ample sunlight & ventilation. The home features a «genkan», an entryway that separates the outside world, where one removes their shoes affecting a psychological transition inside. The living room features natural wood furniture, traditional Indian accents, & a built-in space for displaying plants & accessories. A rustic log wood dining table & locally-designed chairs, the master bedroom serves as a multifunctional space that provides a comfortable & functional space for various activities, including reading and research.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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tHE gRID Architects. Founded by Snehal & Bhadri Suthar, they believe that designing is not just a profession, but a way of life. They strive for an inclusive approach to design & vision is to design with the inner consciousness and thoughts driven by the heart, as they believe it is the most honest pathway to meaningful designs. Guided by the «Heartfulness» meditation path their philosophy is centered around biophilic design, which involves creating buildings that are in harmony with the natural world.

Author of the project
tHE gRID Architects (Snehal Suthar & Bhadri Suthar )

Other participants
Photo credits: Photographix India
Video credits: MGX india
paintings : Shantanu, Manasvini Suthar

Status of the project