Al Naseej Factory

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Al Naseej Factory is a working and exhibition space; a space to host the traditional weavers of the village of Bani Jamrah in Bahrain. All the furniture and partitions of the project are gained through changes in height levels of the floor, accommodating the divers private and public functions needed. As the thread itself would move in the space, this floor is folded, adapting itself to become a fountain, a sewing seat, a kitchenette, and so on. A wooden grid fills the plot forming both ceiling and facade. This grid is filled with Arish, a traditional construction material made of palm tree leafs knitted together. The set becomes a totally covered and shaded space which blurs the boundaries between exterior and interior spaces.


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Additional information
LBA has gained recognition through a number of prices and publications. Amongst others, it was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Architectural Biennale and the Swiss Art Awards. His work has been presented at the Swiss Architecture Museum, Art Basel Design at Large, CCB Lisbon, Victoria and Albert Museum, MUDAC Lausanne, etc. His projects have been published in websites and print publications such as Dezzen, Architonic, Designboom, Archdaily, DETAIL, The Architectural Review, Wallpaper, etc.

Applicant and authors of the project

Leopold Banchini Architects is a multidisciplinary team exploring space shaping and project making established in Geneva. Focusing in political and environmental issues, architecture is addresses as social action, using DIY culture and eclecticism as means for emancipation.
Architects Leopold Banchini an Noura Al Sayeh.