Alikhan Restaurant

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
Our approach in this design was to create a simple but strong visual design based on a rectangular grid. We created a space made of white tiles for the kitchen, cement blocks and We also included the use of MDF.
By using the blocks, we were able to create the main wall as a decorative and dominant point right at the entrance of the restaurant, and from that place, the cement blocks had a neutral color to create the appeal of the green color, which is soothing on the one hand, and fresh on the other hand. It refers to naturalness and according to the type of food that is served here, it was decided to use the color green, which indicates healthy food and drinks, as a complementary color, as well as paying special attention to the covers. It became a plant so that each space has its own identity, and as the last friend, we added natural plants in different places to give a sense of naturalness to the whole space

Tehran, Iran

Project implementation year

Parmida Rezaie

Author of the project
Parmida Rezaie

Other participants
The presenter: Varnistudio
Electrical: Ali Nazari

Status of the project