Ambiversion House

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
At first, we faced a contrast between architectural form and life program.
A: The original Iranian introvert architecture has introspectively minimized its relationship with the environment (introversion).
B: Modern human wants more freedom and interaction with the environment surrounding them and challenges boundaries, so far he/she refuses to wear this old costume (extroversion).
According to the two factors mentioned above, historic introversion and contemporary extroversion, the thesis and antithesis of the project have been constructed and by combining the characteristics of these two we achieved a new program and form that is shaped through the overlap of these two concepts (synthesis). The new program functions at several layers.Created spaces are formed through the overlap of two programs, two layers of mass and two layers of void: the external layer,encompasses internal spaces.

Takht-e-Gonbad district, Isfahan, Iran 

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Mohammad Shalikarm, Bachelor's degree in architecture at 2015 from MIT (Mazandaran institute of technology)
and Master's degree in architecture at 2018 from Shomal University.
Hadiseh Pourebrahim, Bachelor's degree in architecture at 2019 from Shomal University.

Author of the project
Mohammad Shalikar, Hadiseh Pourebrahim

Status of the project
Conceptual design