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The unique geography phenomenon of Iceland is a manifestation of the primitive earth land. Inspired by the nature power, the design tries to coordinate with it by adding ‘anchors’ across the fissure. Under the force of traction, the massing is squeezed into blocks organically. The observation towers act as a boat trying to pull these two plates together and further reveal the tension beneath visually and metaphorically. It indicates the mirror but insistent human power under such a grand environment.
People who drive to the site will attract by such a powerful geometry from a distance. The rock-like massing fits into the landform on site, and the interior space provides an excellent cave sight. Visitors can sit on the warm stairs waiting for the tour and become the witness of the crack growing every day. Take the other path visitors can approach the swaying rope-way, going across the fissure to the other side will be a remarkable experience of their adventure.

Reykjahlíð, Iceland

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Founded by Jing Xu and Gang Liu in Shanghai, China. Our team is motivated to design from the origin “0”, exploring contemporary design based on oriental aesthetics. Core team members have accumulated rich experience in international architecture firms and received architectural master degrees from Columbia University and Tongji University. We have a constant curiosity and enthusiasm for being explorers and problem solvers, while focusing on technologies to implement ideas.
Architects Jing Xu, Gang Liu, Sizhuo Gao

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Competition Organizers: Bee Breeders