“Studio 44. Enfilade” Exhibition

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
The exhibition was dedicated to Studio 44, which authored the project of repurposing the building of the General Headquarters for the State Hermitage. The exhibition showcased all the stages of the project's implementation through sketches, models, and photographs.

The exhibition transformed the museum space: the walls of the halls in the Big Enfilade were shifted, changing the configuration of the venue, and the twelve-meter double-leaf portal doors were fully open.
The Second Atrium featured hanging gardens.
The Third Atrium housed an installation of models.
The Archive section demonstrated photographs and drawings of over thirty projects.
The Fourth Atrium accommodated a shipping container with a cinema in it.

General Headquarters, the State Hermitage, Palace Square 6-8A, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Vitruvius and Sons, architectural studio