Antuo Hill Museums

Best Architectural Design for Museum

About the project
Inspired by nature and various mediums of traditional Chinese art, we aim to interrelate indoor and outdoor settings with lightness and openness in the design of the Antuo museum complex. In reference to the art form of Penjing, nature is brought to the project site in miniature forms across different scales. Located at one side of the highway, the cantilever form resembling “the pod” hosts the main exhibition space and offices. A bridge is introduced to connect the buildings across like “the tree trunk”, three exhibition halls sit at the base of Antuo Hill represent “branches” and “leaves” with their relatively transparent outlook and small footprints. Drawing inspiration from Shan Shui traditional Chinese paintings, landscape features are laid out in ripple patterns echoing the circular building forms outwards into the surrounding natural environments.

Shenzhen, China

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Applicant and authors of the project
«Based in New York and Hong Kong, our trans-disciplinary works span the fields of digital media, product, art installation, interior, architectural, landscape, and urban design. Our playful design approach allows us to explore various interactive mechanisms between both analog and digital worlds. We are interested in transforming ordinary objects, scenes, and settings into something fun and intriguing. Our motto is 'nothing is static, everything is responsive.»
Team: Sanny Ng, Sunny Wang, Iris Lee, Zhe Cao, Liyu Xue