Apartment Alfornelos

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
In one of the many suburbs outside Lisbon that germinated abundantly in the last decades of the last century, a typical narrow and long two-bedroom apartment. Our clients, a young couple with a toddler girl and a newborn baby boy, were looking for a home that could embrace the growth of the family.
The aim was to make the interactions of daily life richer through a fluid and intercommunicating social zone between kitchen, living room and access to the bedrooms. In the innermost area, a compartment was added that intends to function as a complement to the children's only-room: as a dressing room, play space, shoe rack, or toilet, thanks to the hidden washbasin in the closet.
To the bare concrete of the structure that was left visible, it was added the presence of wood, stone and steel that benefit from the natural light that now comes in more generously.

Amadora, Portugal

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Additional information

Applicant and authors of the project
Miguel Marcelino, Arq. Lda.
The office was founded by Miguel Marcelino in 2008 who won, right in that year, his first open competition. In 2014 he was invited to be part of the official Portuguese representation in the Venice Architecture Biennale. In these years a considerable range of projects were developed, both private and public works, from small apartment renovations to museums, schools and university buildings.

Other participants
Collaborators: Mónica González, Mariana Brito, Miguel Coutinho
General Contractor: Conceito Ficticio
Client: António Castel-Branco
Copyright photos: © Archive Miguel Marcelino (photo: Lourenço T. Abreu)