Apartment No 11: Apartment for Cypress Trees

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About the project
The project is located in Tehran, Fereshteh St, and is under construction. It is designed in 402 sq.m area, 1.2m slope north to south and west to east direction. Optimal private and public zones, creating suspended gardens at different height levels, movable constructions, use of stones in different shapes for interiors make the building sustainable and sanitary. Air corridors from north to south of each level ventilate the air naturally causing climate-comfort and sustainability. Movable windows technology and a small cypress yard make good sense to prevent depression.

Khaleghi Street/Tofighnia Alley 1, Tehran, Iran. 

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Applicant and authors of the project
MH+LA studio (Elnaz Abbasian + Mohsen Hasani).

Project status
Under construction

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