Arbenin. Masquerade without words

Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

About the project
As its name would suggest, “Arbenin. Masquerade without words” is based on two plays by M.Y. Lermontov, i. e. «Masquerade» and «Arbenin». The production showcases the life of high society through space, movement and gestures. It’s a world of gossip, intrigue and moral deficiency. But it’s just a ball, a masquerade, a game. It’s a world of lies and deceit, where passion, suffering, hatred, love, betrayal, jealousy can be hidden under a mask. Minimalist performance space and costumes featuring a single-color scheme highlight the main characters with color – Arbenin wears red, Nina wears white, Baroness Shtral wears green. The rest of the actors are in huge puppet masks, which symbolize erased individuality.

Moscow, Russia

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The Moscow Academic Theatre of Satire

Author of the project
Maxim Obrezkov, scenographer, costume designer