Arca Sonora: weaving landscapes

Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

About the project
Arca Sonora is an itinerant urban intervention project. It’s a sensorial anchor in the sea of metropolis overstimulations, a device that rescue the natural environment and decentralizes the city to make our territories more empathetic and reasonable.
The installation is composed of 6 steles, which are to be placed in multiple arrangements that reconfigure the public space. Each stele emits a unique sound, which recovers sound registers (natural and artificial), and reproduces them in the urban space, decontextualizing and sensorially displacing the visitor. The sounds can be listened to individually or as a set, depending on the arrangement of the stelae and the visitors' routes.
All the pieces that make up the arca (both audio and object) were conceptualized, designed and produced in Mexico, and on this occasion, presented in Spain. The audios and composition change depending on the place where they are presented, transporting the user to different places and times.

Parque de las Glorias Catalanas, Barcelona, Spain

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Extra visual materials

Fundación, based in Mexico City, is an architectural firm focused on urban-architectural projects of diverse scales. Its experimental approach reflects a constant dissatisfaction with the current reality, seeking to expand the limits of architecture towards a utopia essential for progress. Founded in 2022 by Diego González Albarrán, Omar Uziel Granados Alejandre and Zabdiel Ramos Banda.

Author of the project
Fundación + Less Les Le
Fundación: Diego González Albarrán, Omar Uziel Granados Alejandre, Zabdiel Ramos Banda
Less Les Le: Lesly Noguerón Maldonado

Model Festival de Arquitecturas de Barcelona. Barcelona City Council. Fundación Mies van der Rohe Barcelona

Other participants
Photography: Fundación + Less Les Le
Sound design: Zabdiel Ramos Banda
Graphic identity: Less Les Le
Acknowledgments: Parque de las Glorias Catalanas team: Emilio Gallardo, Joaquín and Yolanda.

Status of the project