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Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
The renovation project of Memar Studio is on the second floor of a 50-year-old residential building with an area of 300 square meters and a floor area of 235 square meters, located in Isfahan city, South Sheikh Sadouq Street, the first floor is for residential use and the second floor is for two residential units. A dedicated architectural studio.The main and primary idea of the design was to change the residential space into an architectural work space with the aim of creating a work space as a home with an attitude towards modern architecture and a simplistic approach with a look at the principles of behavioral science and environmental psychology. The architect's studio project is an exercise to change the use of two residential units into an architecture studio with a simplistic modern architecture approach and a look at the principles of behavioral sciences with the aim of creating a friendly work environment with minimal intervention in the previous building plan and architecture.

Sheikh Sadouq St, Isfahan, Iran

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials

Meysam Shahpir, Master of Architecture (Islamic Azad University of Science and Research, East Azerbaijan Branch), Bachelor of Architecture (Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan branch), Associate degree (Shahid Mohajer Technical University of Isfahan).

Author of the project
Meysam Shahpir

Other participants
Assistant architect: Marzieh Jamalpour
Photographer: Kourosh Dabbaghi
Graphics: Saba Khalili

Status of the project