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About the project (provided by the applicant)
This building is designed in a historical neighborhood around Tehran, and it tries to revive the historical elements left from the neighborhood or create an excuse to pass through and revive this neighborhood.

We had to go deeply into the streets, culture, ambiance, and mood of the area due to the project's location.
Our design blended in better with the neighbourhood thanks to all of its elements, including the antique building details and doorways, as well as the people living there.

Nafar Abad, Shahr-e-Rey, Tehran, Iran

Project design year

Amirmasoud Aghajanizadeh, Mina Gandomi, Shaghik Melikian, Islamic Azad University.
«We are a design team of three architects, all three of whom are studying architecture. We usually look for solutions for the future at critical points in order to start revitalizing and creating a fast path for the future by placing a specific project.»

Author of the project
Amirmasoud Aghajanizadeh, Mina Gandomi, Shaghik Melikian

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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