Architectural Concept for the Development of a Former Industrial Site on the Kozhevennaya Line

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About the project
The concept pursues the transformation of a former factory into a modern creative cluster. The central part of the atrium will house a dancing zone. Being characteristic of St. Petersburg, RAIN will become the main FEATURE of the venue. Rainwater will be collected in the central basin, filtered and run through a channel to the Gulf of Finland. Integration of nature into the industrial space will make the place harmonious and attractive to visitors. With a «forest», pebble and sandy «beaches», and a swing over the Gulf of Finland, the venue will be very diverse. Yet, it will retain the atmosphere of coziness. To pay tribute to the site’s history, the project leaves several round technological openings in the ceiling in the main building and places spiral staircases in them.

Kozhevennaya Line 30, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
KLAUZURA LLC, architectural bureau