Arnóia’s Houses

Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
Enjoying a stunning view over the Arnóia River’s reservoir, this set of two single-family houses, are set in a plot with an extreme slope. This has originated an elegantly simple design from conception to materiality. Large windows will allow for a magnificent sunset view over the reservoir and all of its surroundings. A very light structure filled with glass will allow for light to flood all the private and common spaces, this is complimented by blind walls which have been strategically placed so as to ensure structural stability and offer the necessary privacy. On these areas natural light is ensured by the recourse to several skylights. As a way to fill interior spaces with lifeful quality and offer ample access to the surrounding vistas a system of balconies and terraces has been devised, so as to establish a continuity between the interior and the exterior in this challenging and interesting location.

Óbidos, Portugal

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Applicant and author of the project
Marco Ferreira Martins Castelhano.
Masters degree from FAUL with the final thesis entitled “reasonings on ancestral connections” finished in 2016 with the coordination of Profº Dr. Nuno Miguel Feio Ribeiro Mateus and Profª Dra Maria Marques Calado de Albuquerque Gomes. Marco Castelhano has run his own practice since 2018. He believes that to live “home” is one of contemporary research’s most interesting areas; more than mere spatial or functional necessity it is the very conception and the devising of solutions for proximity.

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