Art Alley Cafe

Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

About the project
Art Alley Cafe is composed of spatial Vases made of rusted iron sheets, as if it is an artistic piece itself, preserved the memory of the construction phases within it. These vases have defined the sitting area, WC, ceiling and lighting elements in the interior space, and with their extension on the sidewalk and Parinaz Alley, they define the space of the gallery and location for installing artworks. A unified structure that strives to blur the boundaries between the outside and inside. The geometry used in the design of the vases has influenced details such as the lighting of the gallery, the entrance stairs, the handle and the mirror of the WC and has also made them homogeneous.

Razi Street, Nofel Loshato Street, Tehran, Iran

Project implementation year

OJAN Design Studio is a young studio in Tehran since 2018. Our range of activities include: Architecture, Interior Design, Product & Graphic Design. Ojan Salimi is the founder of OJAN Design studio, and today this organization is composed of a number of motivated and creative specialized designers who strive to use technology and innovation in construction methods to make their projects a pretext for understanding new experiences of space or products, both for themselves and their audience.

Author of the project
Architecture Firm: OJAN Design Studio.
Lead Architects: Ojan Salimi, Ramin Rahmani.
Design Team: Mahsa Naghavi, Sanaz Bazrafshan, Reza Esfandiari, Ali Merati

Other participants
Photographer: Deed Studio

Status of the project