Articulated life unit: culture and recreation

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
Architectural design of an articulated living unit specially designed for the promotion of recreation and culture in La Milagrosa Santa Rosa de Cabal sector, which will allow the community to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and experience the context of the municipality.
The architectural proposal seeks to adapt to each of the levels that the land has and blends in with its surroundings, thus generating different microclimates through different types of its municipality tree herbage. The main project purpose is that the public squares are the main concept of this project thus generating a sensation of a covered recreational square and one of stay and permanence.
However we have to take in mind we can't start thinking or even design an architectural propose without studying the surrounding where the project will be located in; we need to first make use of its natural context and study every part of the place such as people necessities, local nature, climate changes, natural problems, etc.

Santa Rosa de Cabal Risaralda, Colombia

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Applicant and author of the project
Juan José Gómez Rendón, 4th semester architecture student at the Catholic University of Pereira: «I'd love to be nominee in this category because I'd like to show all my effort and my dedication that I did to achieve the final result of this project and want other people to see it and learn from it. This project was done while I was in 3rd semester, in that semester I learned a lot about the architectural techniques used in construction and get to know each material used in every arch project and take in mind every natural surrounding.»

Status of the project
Conceptual design