Aviamotornaya Metro Station

Best Implemented Project of Public Space

About the project
The spirit of the project was inspired by its name, standing in Russian for Air Engine. The lamps are the highlight of this underground space. Continuous light lines penetrate with the station at the platform part, as if featuring a trail of a jet plane, having just passed by. Triangle lamps are embedded into the ceiling on both sides of the columns at the platform, referring to airplane tail units. Linear LED lamps in access corridors and the entrance hall represent with continuous air flows.

In the main part, the ceilings are finished with aluminum honeycomb panels and stainless steel, contrasting on the static white marble of the walls, fiber concrete of the columns, as well as light grey and black granite of the floors...

Aviamotornaya Street, Sokolinaya Gora District, Moscow, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Metrogiprotrans JSC