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About the project
The conditions of the site created the opportunity to design a house that originally was only for two people, the owner didn´t require more than one bedroom nor space for «social coexistence», however, a couple of additional spaces were added to the program in order to receive guests outside the house if needed, integrating them into the activities of the house in the public areas, gardens, terrace, porch.
The main social area includes an open kitchen connected to the living room, and dining room, and a wide open space to create a connection between the house and nature.
The proposal had to fulfill certain regulations of the site, like referring to some «typical» materials that seemed more of a limitation than a contribution, however the house design achieved to maintain a common aesthetic typology with the context.
The house simplifies the function, the use of the site's natural resources, and the possibility of harmonizing with the environment reducing the contact print.

Monte Líbano 210, Lomas de Chapultepec VI Secc, Mexico

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Constructor: Factor Eficiencia
Landscape: Devas Paisaje
Photographer: Jaime Navarro

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