Babylon library

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About the project
The project was a part of my graduation project «A Journey to Babylon: Urban, complex, multiple contemporary activities in old Babylon.»
The site of the project lies in the city of Babylon / Hilla, near the archaeological site of the city of Babylon in Iraq. Project area — 350,000 sq.m. 
The project combines several functions that can be summed up as: vital recreational, cultural and commercial functions in a very important and harmfully neglected archaeological area.
Aims and significances:

  • reviving the area surrounding the archaeological site of the old city of Babylon and drawing the appropriate attention towards it,
  • upgrading the level of services available in the area surrounding the project to attract more tourists to the site.


Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Yasir m. Agha / Visuality architects.
An architect from Iraq, graduate from AlNahrain university in Baghdad 2020. Working with experimental designs that implement the historical and cultural visions of Iraq heritage and global culture.