Bagh-e Khour

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
In the land of Khour, where the sun shines bright, there lies a garden, a paradise of delight nestled in the mountains,
to explore, its stories to be told.
The notion of a Persian garden is like a carpet in the frame of a paradise, and mankind is the center of attention, riding on a royal throne like a king who rules over it.
His place is no house, no villa, but rather a mansion in the garden of paradise overlooking all eight directions, through which his presence can be definitely recognized in the center. And two other directions remain the earth and the sky. 
What goes within the heart of the earth, they know, for their feet and bodies can feel its flow.
And what is above, they see in a blue-mirror-like surface of the water reflecting the sky into a pond within his heart and carpeting the throne with dreams from afar. So, nothing else outside the garden of paradise is left to seek, for it’s a paradise beyond imagination.

Karaj, Hashtgerd, Iran

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Babak Abdolghafari Atelier.
Babak Abdolghafari was born in 1989 in Talesh, near the Caspian Sea where he was inspired by its wonders in his aesthetic art journey.
He was one of the team members for Harvard architect Farshid Moussavi’s third book ‘Function of style’.
He has also taught several academic courses in different institutes and universities. He also collaborated with Los Angeles-based architect and associate of Frank Gehry & Partners, Narineh Mirzaeian, as an assistant for the workshop Exploratory Form.

Authors of the project
Design Team: Natalie Ishoonejadian, Kiyanoush Sheydaie, Roujan Abdoli | Interior: Mona Afrazi | CG Artist: Forough Seyyedi | Illustration Assistant: Natalie Ishoonejadian, Aryan Namdar Banaderi | Structure: Mashi Omidi | MEP: Iraj Larifi

Other participants
Babak Abdolghafari Atelier

Status of the project
Conceptual design