Baghchal Khaneh

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Baghchal Khaneh, in the Tabas, a city located in desert, is designed with an Iranian architectural approach in hot and dry climates.
Using garden pit is the main concept of the project due to the climatic conditions, which are located on the negative floor. The central yard is one of the main pillars of Iranian architecture in hot and dry climates. The pool in the central yard is used to provide humidity and control the heat intensity.
The palm tree, located in the central yard, symbolizes a warm and dry climate and creates a cool breeze by creating shade and wind that passes between the branches and leaves, makes the space more comfortable for people who leave in the house.
The material of bricks and clay that is the use of eco-friendly materials in that climate. The heat capacity of bricks in cold nights and hot days of the desert, due to saving heat and its transfer to inside of the house during the night, seems to be a suitable climatic factor.

Tabas, Iran

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Javad Davoodi, director and founder of Angle architecture office, Iran. Master of Architecture. Winner of the International Aَ’ Design Award 2022, Italy.

Author of the project
Javad Davoodi

Ali Yaghoubi

Other participants
Diagram: Amin Saraei.
2D: Saeed Mohajeri, Sara Mohajeri, Maryam Yousefi.
3D: Pouya Ahmadi
Mechanical: Rasoul Mohamadi
Electrical: Hassan Ghazi

Status of the project
Under construction