Church and Parish Facilities of San Giovanni Bosco, Bagheria

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Starting from the idea of the house among the houses, where god dwells. It is the volume of the house, together with the bell tower, that emerges above the complex. This is a single courtyard building divided into two levels with the upper part dedicated to the sacred and the lower part to pastoral activity. The autonomy of the accesses allows a diversified use of the building. It was proposed a contemporary style and the formal and volumetric recognizability of the sacred building, seeking a relationship with history and architecture of the town using the golden ratio and the cubit as a generative measure of proportions. The complex has a sandstone base that recalls the Aspra stone, used in the villas of Bagheria. Light is a fundamental design element, structured and linked to the liturgy, so the church is oriented according to the E-W cosmic axis. The use of vegetation plays a main role in visual and environmental mitigation, and marking the relationship of the church with nature.

Via Giuseppe Bagnera, Bagheria, Sicily, Italy

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Applicant and authors of the project
Icaro Progetti.
Associated firm was born from the collaboration between the Arch. Benedetta Fontana and Eng. M. Fabio Granata, who are convinced that it is possible and important to carry out an integrated design between architecture and engineering. The architectural project is conceived in its totality, including structural and plant engineering, with a preference for sustainable, local and low-cost architecture. Design ranges from the great work to the small detail, from the spoon to the city.