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About the project
The name of this pavilion is “bAll”.
The remote and unachievable dream of children touching and feeling branches and leaves of trees will turn into a fulfilled wish in “bAll”; here, people can turn from a mere visitor into an active participant through games and happy and peaceful activities.
The concept of “bAll” is on the basis of metaphor and a childish look at colorful flowers in the turf, playing under shadows and watching the dance of branches and leaves of trees; it is an opportunity to experience and interact with a new sensation as it changes the typical approach to gardens;
The goal of developing “bAll” is creating discursive space based on human-environment interaction approach. Playing is “bAll”’s solution to encounter of human with nature. The approach could invoke the feelings of peace and respect for nature in people.
“bAll” can start a change in human viewpoint of garden; a start which leads to taking pleasure and appreciation of nature.

Jardins de Métis International Garden, Québec, Canada


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Additional information
This project is the winner of the world architectural award 34th cycle, and candidate in the 21th edition of the international garden festival (Jardins de Métis).

Applicants and authors of the project
Sajjad Navidi, Mohammad Hossein Mohammad Pour Parchehbafi