Financial Entity Auditorium

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
The auditorium is the primary space in building A on Kutuzovsky Av. (Moscow, Russia) used for gatherings and conferences. A monochromatic inverted landscape that has been integrated into the existing architecture and contrasts the boardroom's warm interior with the building's cold glass facade.
A natural organic space shaped by technology and light was achieved by using just one material by combining the ceiling and walls into a continuous surface constructed of hundreds of separate layers of sycamore maple. Algorithmic design techniques were used in all design phases, and one of the main criteria was to embed all sophisticated equipment into the morphology of the ceiling. This keeps the shell’s visual integrity while giving the interior a gentle, clean appearance and enhancing the effect of natural illumination entering through the skylights.
The overall aesthetics of the space is a manifesto of the company’s values for connecting people through nature.

Kutuzovsky Av, 32, Moscow, Russia 

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
External Referenceaward-winning Barcelona-based architecture firm founded and led by Carmelo Zappulla, in 2007. With extensive experience in commercial, interior, and exhibition design, the firm creates experimental spaces that break the boundaries between architecture, art, and digital tools.
The studio promotes the integration of craftsmanship and advanced digital technologies, bringing engagement, interaction, and emotions to innovative works built all over the world.

Other participants
General contractor — Pridex Group
Subcontractor — Office Solutions
Photographer — Ilya Ivanov