Beryozovo Hutor Resort at Ladoga Lake

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About the project
This isolated village resort is designed in Beryozovo Village, a picturesque and quiet corner right at the Ladoga Lake, with a private mooring. Cozy cottage houses built of eco-pure materials are designed on land, and house boats will be constructed on the float. The resort will offer its guests contemporary and comfortable recreation and leisure and will be ready to welcome all ages and statuses.

The extensive design site is located in the proximity of a unique place, which comprises the Ladoga skerries, the rock isles, and magnificent cliffs. As the site borders on a harbor, it will also include a yacht club.

Beryozovo, Leningrad Region, Russia

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Project by Maim Rymar, Irina Akimenkova, and Alexey Shangin

Project status
Under construction