Bridge Pavilion at the Mill Yard in Lokh Village

Best Project of Public Space by a Student

About the project
The pavilion is located on the grounds of the Mill Yard on the Sokolka River, next to a bathhouse and a water wheel. It features a kitchen, a dining table and some benches and is intended to attract visitors who might go along the river from the local baptistery in the direction of the pavilion.

The facility consists of 3 main areas:

1. Kitchen: wood stove, sink, work surface.

2. Dining table seating 10-11 people.

3. Bridge: the main recreation area with multilevel benches.

It offers nice views of the surroundings and its design convey the feel of lightness and freedom.

Lokh Village, the Saratov Region, Russia

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Maxim Sidorovichev, student at Gagarin Saratov State Technical University