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This famous satiric comedy written by Karim Tinchurin, the founder of the Tatar theater, tells about the life of the Tatar bourgeoisie and intelligentsia in 1910 through 1925, when the Russian society was living through the times of major changes. Today, this performance looks more like a drama, as it touches on the issues of national identity and choosing the path of development. Through the example of merchant Nuretdin’s family the play demonstrates the viewers how the changes taking place in the country destroy not only the customary life style but family relations, too. This interactive play takes both the audience and the artists back into the times of revolutionary turmoil and fluctuations.


Kazan, Russia

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Tatar State Drama Theater named after Karim Tinchurin

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Tufan Imamutdinov, Lilia Imamutdinova

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